You Are What You Eat

Your mood is dictated by the things you eat. Eating chemicals that resemble food can only lead to feelings that very minimally resemble emotions. 


Days Like Today.

Then there are days like today when you regret waking up. And all you wanna do is go back to sleep. Forever. Coma would be a goddamn blessing. Or at the very least, a step up from all the day-to-day bullshit. Ideally, you’d go to sleep forever with the help of a gun. But sometimes, you just can’t find one. A pity really. Just one well placed bullet and everything would be better.

Cassie’s Journal Entry #761

I hate dead ends. And that’s exactly what this was. I looked at the map and the coordinates Matt gave me. There was no way I was in the wrong spot. But all I could see was an empty field full of dead grass and dirt. I just kept double checking all my info, because I just couldn’t believe it. There was nothing here. And then it hit me and my heart sank.

“I need to start digging.”

So I went to the car and got out a shovel. I was taught to be prepared for anything. Found the spot that coordinates referred to, and started to dig. Each time the shovel struck the ground, I could hear my heart skip a  beat. Part of me prayed that I would find nothing, and this was truly a dead end. Maybe Matt fucked up the location spell? Hell, sometimes the best of us mess up the simplest of tricks. Maybe he was having a bad day and mispronounced the incantation.

And then the shovel hit something hard in the ground. Maybe Matt didn’t fuck up at all. I dug some more to remove the dirt and when I looked down into the hole, I saw a large piece of wood. Deep down I knew exactly what it was but I didn’t want to admit. I took the shovel and broke into the wood. The smell of rot hit me like a bullet train to the head and I fell back into the walls of the hole. But I forged on. I kept breaking up the piece of wood until I could clearly see what lied beneath it. In my heart of hearts I knew what I would find. I just didn’t want to believe it.

There she was, the Priestess. Just laying there. I wish I could say she looked peaceful. But her decaying body looked anything but. From what remained of her face it looked like she died screaming. Well that’s just great. I got out of the hole and got my gloves from the car. I thought maybe I could find something on her person.

“Dear Priestess and Goddess. I apologize for what I am about to do.”

I jumped in the hole, and groped every part of the dead, rotting body. Looking for something, anything, that could lead me to whoever did this. I turned her over. And that’s where I saw it, a massive hole in her back being eaten away my worms and maggots. I took a deep breath and reached around inside the body. And that’s when I felt something hard and round. I got my hand around it, and pulled. It was stuck pretty good, so I pulled harder. And as it came out, I swear I could hear things snap inside the body. My tears ran down my face and mixed in with the sweat and cleared a path of dirt off my face.

I got out of the grave, and let out all the tears I could produce. I hadn’t known her, but still. However she died it wasn’t natural. The glass ball was proof of it. I put the dirt back where it belonged, over the dead body, said a prayer, and tried to leave a stick in the ground as a grave marker. Not that it would do any good in the future, but it was better than nothing.

And now I’m back to square one.

Cassie’s Journal Entry #760

He found her. I have the location of The Priestess. I’m packing my bags right now. She’s in some city that’s a few hours away by car. Now all I need is a car. Or at the very least, I’ll need to “borrow” someone’s car. I’m sure they’ll eventually find their car as soon as I’m done with it. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Hopefully the Priestess is okay when I get there.

I’ve had a bad feeling about this. I keep dreaming of opening a coffin and find a skeleton. Maybe it’s from all the horror movies I’ve been watching while I fall asleep. Maybe it’s more than that. I hope to god it isn’t an omen. Thing about omens, they can appear as anything. So its hard to know when something is a legit omen and when you’ve just had too much tequila the night before. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t drink as much these days.

Sometimes, I miss getting drunk with friends. Or hell, just hanging out with them. Seems like my whole life for the past few years was just about becoming a Priestess, and then about finding the Goddess. All work and no play and all that jazz. Maybe I just need some me time and the nightmares will stop.

But I can’t take a break just yet. I’ll do it after I find the Priestess and save her from who ever took her. Once I see where she’s being held, I can come up with a plan. Hm. Might need Matt’s help on breaking her out. Hopefully not. Last time I saw him, he looked off. and I swear I saw him talking to himself. I think he needs a break as much as I do.

Need to finish packing, then find a car, and be off.

M—‘- Journal Entry #118

Last night I had come back from finding the Priestess for Cassie. All I had for her was the name of the city, Barueri. She said that’s all she needed and would go there to find more info. Which makes me a little sad that she’s gonna be gone. Who knows when I’ll see her next or if I will.

At least, on the plus side, I can leave for Colombia since my work here is done. I came to find the blade, but now I need to find a way to kill a god. This should be interesting.

Speaking of, He stopped by again last night. and helped me clean up my room before I get going.

“The maids are going to find and kill you if you leave this mess for them,” he kept telling me.

And he was right. There were clothes every where, mixed in with empty pizza boxes, and i’m pretty sure i found a half eaten burger somewhere in the mess. But none of that compared to de-spelling the room. I had gotten a buckets of white paint, and started to paint over the many protection spells I had put up in my paranoid stupor.

While I was doing that N’xalrott was cleaning up the bathroom.

“Hey man, what’s up with toilet,” I can only imagine him having a hard time breathing in there, even if he was in astral form.

“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

“Fine, let me just fix this permanently.”

and while I was getting lost in the repetitious nature of painting a wall, that’s when I heard it: a blood curdling scream coming from the bathroom. I quickly ran in there to see what had happened. All I saw was N’xalrott keeled over on his hands and knees in a pool of his own blood.

“Damn, I forgot how much doing magic hurt.” He barely lifted himself off the ground and hobbled his way to the bed and crashed on it, “on the plus side the toilet works.”

“Seriously,” I was just about ready to scream at him but I tried to contain, “You shouldn’t have done that. You helped a lot as it is, I’m pretty sure I can finish cleaning up the rest.”

But I don’t think he heard me, he was already knocked out on the bed. Snoring rather loudly. I got him under the sheets and kept a glass of water on the night stand just in case.

In all honesty, he seems like a chill god. It kinda sucks that he’s dying.